Your Weekly Horoscope says that self-doubt is paving the way for self-discovery.

Your horoscope for the week of September 17 to 23 is a breath of fresh air, so make the most of the energy and momentum that is about to come your way.

Now that Venus and Mercury have gone retrograde, the cosmos may move forward without the problems you were previously facing. 

 As the week begins, you're feeling hungry, indulgent, and eager to party, as pleasure-seekers.

On September 17, Venus squares up with seductive and luxurious Jupiter in Taurus.

Give yourself precisely what you want, but remember to set limits, because too much of a good thing always leads to a hangover. 

Especially because the sun opposes Neptune on September 19, your ambitions will appear fuzzy and ambiguous. 

 However, by being patient, letting go of your expectations, and understanding that life is a journey, you can reconnect with your actual life purpose.

 Sometimes all that matters is the pure delight of living, breathing, and existing. In fact, that is the point.

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