Why Are Scorpios So Attractive?

Scorpio is mysterious. Their intense and mysterious manner lures in other signs and makes everyone crave more information about Scorpio. 

In astrology, water signs like Scorpio are known for their flowing range of emotions and intriguing personalities. 

1. Scorpios are dark and mysterious.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld. Similarly, you’ll never really know what a Scorpio is thinking or what their opinion is of you, this can be intriguing for some. 

2. Scorpio is an adventurous lover.

Scorpios are associated with the eighth astrology house in astrology which rules rebirth, things that are taboo, and the afterlife. 

3. Scorpios play hard to get.

In Chinese astrology, Scorpios a serpent sign which is described as confident and self-reflecting.  

4. They have inner power.

Scorpio's modern ruler is Mars, and Mars is the god of war. This makes Scorpio tough and difficult to beat. 

5. They are intimate.

Scorpios aren't afraid to open up, their astrology house and sign are all about intimacy. 

6. They say things that make your heart melt.

Scorpios have a way with words because communication is key to relationships. 

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