Who Is Nick Bosa's Girlfriend Lauren Maenner?

Nick Bosa, a defensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers, will compete in the Super Bowl for the second time in his career,

this time against the Kansas City Chiefs, who defeated them in 2020. While Bosa's girlfriend Lauren Maenner is sure to cheer him on from the stands,

the two of them has kept their relationship mostly under wraps. Here's everything we currently know about them.

Nick Bosa's girlfriend is Lauren Maenner, a Philadelphia-born model. Their relationship was initially confirmed in the fall of 2023.

Lauren Maenner's precise birth date is unknown, but most sources place her birthday sometime between September and October 1997. This would make her 26 years old in February 2024.

Bosa and Maenner are quite discreet about their relationship, therefore they haven't revealed any information about when they met.

The first public clue came in December 2022, when Maenner posted an Instagram photo of herself attending a San Diego Chargers game

Maenner captioned the photo, "Chargers are the second favorite team OK," implying that her actual allegiance is with the 49ers

So it's likely that the couple had already started dating by this point, especially since Maenner went to the game with Amanda Kassdikian, Nick's older brother Joey Bosa's fiancée.

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