Two adult males were charged with homicide on Tuesday afternoon by Jean Peters Baker, the prosecutor of Jackson County.

 Dominic Miller of Kansas City and Lindell Mays of Raytown are charged with second-degree murder in Lisa Lopez-Galvan's death. Two juveniles were charged with the shooting.

 Baker said a heated dispute led to both guys firing guns. Baker said Lopez-Galvan was hit by Miller.

 Both males were hospitalized after the shooting. Each has a $1 million bond.

 They face two counts of armed criminal activity and unauthorized weapon usage.

 The Lopez-Galvan family thanked the prosecutor's office and the Kansas City Police Department, stating "it does not bring back our beloved Lisa."

 Mayor Quinton Lucas and Baker threatened speedy and serious repercussions at a news conference.

 Both males were hospitalized after the shooting.

 "We seek to hold every shooter accountable for their actions on that day, every single one," stated Baker.

 Police Chief Stacey Graves said the investigation continues but wouldn't say more

 “Our investigation continues at full velocity,” Graves added.

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