Top 4 Self-Doubting Zodiacs 

Astrology offers insight into how certain zodiac signs might experience shifts in their emotional states, but it's essential to remember that individual circumstances vary widely,  

That said, here are the top four zodiac signs that might have been feeling down about themselves in October: 


Ironically, Scorpio, whose season begins in late October, can sometimes struggle with intense self-reflection during this time. 


Pisces is a sensitive water sign that often absorbs the emotions of those around them. In October, they might be feeling overwhelmed by the emotions and energies of others, which can lead to a sense of melancholy. 


Virgos are known for their perfectionism and high standards, which can sometimes lead to self-criticism. In October, they may be feeling the weight of their own expectations and experiencing self-doubt. 


Taurus individuals are typically grounded and practical, but they can also be quite stubborn. In October, they might find themselves facing unexpected changes or challenges that disrupt their sense of security. 

While these zodiac signs might be more prone to feeling down in October, it's crucial to recognize that everyone goes through ups and downs in life,  

Astrology is just one of many factors that can influence our emotions. Seeking support from friends, family,  

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