TIGHT ENDS: A Ranking of the Greatest in NFL History 

 The role of the tight end has been crucial for the National Football League (NFL) throughout its existence 

 We urge tight ends to "block like a lineman" and "catch like a receiver. 

 They're the only hybrid position.  

 Just as the NFL has changed throughout the years, so too has the role. 

 Even though they used to be more of an integral part of the offensive line, tight ends today get just as many targets as receivers 

 Modern tight ends, like Travis Kelce, are even more intriguing because of the revolutionary impact of tight ends like Gronkowski and Shannon Sharpe.  

 Here are the top 25 tight ends in NFL history, however it would be unfair to rank them all based on the amazing talent that has played the position 

 WASHINGTON In order to prevent a partial government shutdown the next week, Speaker Mike Johnson revealed his strategy to Republicans in a conference call on Friday night 

 He said that the House will vote on four different appropriations bills and might require a stopgap funding bill to give members more time, according to two sources. 


 Despite Johnson's tactics, lawmakers warned of a possible shutdown at the end of the week due to Congress's tight schedule 

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