This is how to emulate Wednesday Addams' cosmetic style.

Wednesday Addams has gained the title of icon. Her goth style, trademark hair.  

And deadpan expressions have been repeatedly cited, from her dark braided hair to her all-black 'fits juxtaposed with a crisp white collar.  

Consider Prada's A/W 2019 catwalk, which pays homage to Addams' long braids and death glances to the music of The Addams Family.   

However, with Netflix's Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega, a lesser-appreciated facet of her makeup has come to the fore.   

We've seen many variations of Wednesday over the years, but Ortega's Wednesday was a break from the severe one we've seen in favor of one that preserves the character's spirit while providing a modern update.  

Her makeup is less Halloween-y and more everyday-friendly, with a fresh-faced, dewy, and somewhat glossy look.   

It has a gothic flair without going overboard with the beauty look, which may be termed as gentle goth. "Wednesday's signature style is a glamorous take on soft goth beauty," says Leiya Phinao Ningshen, MAC Cosmetics India's National Artist.  

Like most Italian cities, this one has wo"It's a monochromatic look with deep shades of black, plum, and brown on the eyes, lips, and cheeks to create a dramatic effect." nderful landmarks and architecture.  

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