This is all we know about John Wick 5 up to this point.

John Wick 5 is officially inside the works! It’s been a long time on the grounds that John Wick: chapter 4 changed into launched, and the fate of John Wick (Keanu Reeves) has been up inside the air.  

thanks to a report from, Joe Drake, the Lionsgate motion image institution Chair, showed John Wick 5 is formally within the works. The script for the new film is being written, following the months-lengthy writers’ strike and actors’ strike. 

in line with the report, Drake confirmed to Lionsgate traders that “we've got got multiple spin-offs and Wick 5. We began to work on [it] right when the writers’ strike began and we’ve gotten back to paintings as quickly as it ended.” 

So, it positive appears like more John Wick movies and indicates are on the way, similarly to Ballerina starring Ana de Armas and the currently launched series, The Continental.  

whilst the 5th movie is inside the works, it’s not very a long way alongside proper now, so we’re getting ready to wait a long term for John Wick: chapter five.  

John Wick: chapter 4 became supposed to be the end of Keanu Reeves’ time as the titular individual John Wick, however as we learned in may 2023, it doesn’t appear that Reeves is going out like that. 

There were rumors and rumblings about John Wick 5 all the manner earlier than John Wick: bankruptcy 4 premiered in theaters in early 2023. 

even as the ones rumors were unconfirmed at that time, Lionsgate has discovered what fans were hoping for lower back before the release of what was thought to be the very last chapter. 

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