These young athletes were bound for stardom until a mysterious condition derailed their running career

They were two extremely promising athletes, seemingly destined for track and field greatness 

when their careers were cut short by a condition that doctors and researchers are only now beginning to comprehend 

Their experiences highlight the harmful expectations that can surround athletes, blurring the fine line between 

the discipline that allows athletes to perform superhuman feats and the disordered patterns of behavior  

that can harm their health as they push themselves and are pushed by their coaches and trainers.  

Mary Cain, the youngest ever US track and field athlete to join the World Championships team, 

was a teenage sensation who set multiple national age-group marks in middle-distance running.

Pippa Woolven was a top steeplechase athlete in the UK, having won British university titles, competing in the 2012 World Junior titles, and receiving an athletic scholarship to Florida State University. 

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