The Spiderwick Chronicles Trailer Resurrects the YA Fantasy Series

Disney+ did not broadcast any other live-action fantasy series despite the success of their Percy Jackson YA novel adaption.  

Disney+ canceled the first season of The Spiderwick Chronicles, based on Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black's novels, despite completion.  

Disney sold the first season to Roku, so fans won't face another Batgirl predicament.  

The Spiderwick Chronicles, a rich fantasy series with a terrific cast, has a teaser 

Since the novels have committed fans, The Spiderwick Chronicles should do better.  

This series will arrive soon, thankfully. On April 19, all eight episodes will air. 

Christian Slater, Jack Dylan Grazer, Lyon Daniels, Noah Cottrell, Joy Bryant, and Mychala Lee star.  

Disney created the series, but Paramount Television Studios and 20th Television produced it.  

The Spiderwick Chronicles was adapted into a film in 2008, after Harry Potter and Twilight. 

The movie wasn't as good as the novel, so a long-form series followed years later.  

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