The Pisces Full Blue Moon Will Feel Like a Tsunami for These 4 Zodiac Signs

Full moons appear every 28 days, exhibiting their full splendour. As its ethereal brilliance illuminates the world, you can feel its strength surge through you. 

If you're one of the zodiac signs most impacted by the full moon, it may transform you! Pisces-Love, Drama, and Deep Feels Fill Your September Horoscope

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A full moon always occurs when the moon, ruler of your internal self, opposes the sun, ruler of your external self, causing inner conflict and driving action. 

Deep-seated emotions can explode like volcanoes, and important epiphanies might occur during this time.

The full moon is the most climactic phase of the lunar cycle, therefore it often brings dramatic changes and revelations.

The mutable water sign of dreams, illusions, spirituality, romance, intuition, and imagination, Pisces, is known for making things appear better and worse.

This full moon in practical, analytical, and data-filled Virgo opposes the sun and encourages you to balance reality, fiction, and everything in between. 

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