The NBA All-Star Game is in need of a change, and Draymond Green of the Warriors has proposed one.  

 Draymond Green has a plan to improve the 2024 NBAAll-Star Game after criticism. 

 In a recent podcast session, Green said All-Star weekend duties make it hard for players to give 100% in Sunday's game.

 "It's called game day for a reason because everything you do that day is to prepare for the game," said Green.

 "You do a million things before the All-Star Game. 

 You're then asking top athletes to exert extraordinary energy. 

 “If you want the game to be a game, you must prepare guys for what? A game, he said

 The Golden State Warriors forward suggested the NBA hire All-Star Game physical therapists.

 If players play their hearts out in the All-Star Game without proper preparation, it might be dangerous.

 "That'll hurt guys," remarked Green.

 If you can't focus on getting your body ready for a game, you'll say, 'Hey, here's a brilliant shining object that is a million dollars.

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