The Girl Scout Cookie You Should Eat, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Unless you have a box of frozen Thin Mints in your freezer (is there a better way to consume them?), you're definitely looking to place an order for Girl Scout cookies.

However, because this chance only occurs once a year, you'll want to be certain about your cookie order before filling your online shopping.

Girl Scout stand outside your grocery store. This is where your horoscope comes in. 

We asked experienced astrologers for their advice on which Girl Scout cookie you should consume based on your zodiac sign.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and they want everyone to know who's in charge—which is why Charlotte Kirsten, writer of the astrological blog.

"Fiery and driven by nature, the hot-headed ram knows exactly what it wants and finds its' zest for life reflected in Thin Mints," the author writes.

Taurus is known for being greedy, yet deep down, this sign despises change and would rather revel in life's simple.

Their grounded and earthy character appreciates the modest but comfortable pleasure that these shortbread cookies provide," she adds.

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