The BBC's BAFTA red carpet interview with Andrew Scott has received criticism after going viral. 

Andrew Scott left a red carpet interview with BBC News at the BAFTAs 

after being asked improper questions regarding Saltburn actor and BAFTA contender Barry Keoghan.  

Scott, who was in attendance with his All of Us Strangers co-star Paul Mescal since the film had been nominated for six Oscars 

including best British feature, was asked to speak by veteran BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson.  

Instead of inquiring about the critically acclaimed LGBT drama, Paterson asked Scott about Keoghan's penis.  

In the now-viral tape, the correspondent asked, "Do you know Barry well?" 

Scott, who appeared to have no idea where the conversation was going, grinned, "Yes!"  

"I know Barry, yeah!" Paterson then went on to say, "OK, your reaction when you first saw the naked dance scene at the end of Saltburn?" 

Scott chuckled nervously, saying, "It's great, it's great." He continued, "I won't spoil it for anyone."  

Oppenheimer was the big winner at the BAFTAs, receiving seven honors, including Best Film 

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