Taylor Swift: Cultural Icon in 'An American In Austen' Sneak Peek. 

Nothing escapes the Taylor Swift effect, including Hallmark Channel shows set in the Regency era. 

In a preview of Saturday night's Loveuary premiere, “An American in Austen,” librarian and writer Harriet (Eliza Bennett) makes an impassioned plea after being transported to Jane Austen's “Pride and Prejudice.” 

Looking out the window to pray, Harriet says, 

It's me. Hi,” she laughed and finished Swift's "Anti-Hero" line. “I’m the issue.”Swift is “She really is the voice of a generation,” he says, reflecting on her skill. “ 

I’ll get back to it,” she replies, then looks up and says, “I’ve messed everything up, and I really don’t know how to fix it.” 

In the film, Harriet believes no modern man can match Mr. Darcy.  

When she hesitates to accept her boyfriend's proposal, falls asleep in a cab, and wakes up in 19th-century England, her conviction is tested. 

In Austen's timeless story, she accidentally attracts Mr. Darcy, interrupting the plot.  

This unexpected twist confirms Harriet's “messing everything up” claim. 

But maybe love isn't about discovering a miracle jigsaw piece or writing the perfect book. It may be the seconds between pages.

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