Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw's first meeting wowed fans.

Although Taylor Swift is a rising star in the music industry, she also has incredible connections within it. 

In addition to getting to save Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney's party, she also got a unique present from Bono.

Swift's reputation as one of the greatest is mostly a result of her personality. Swift is as genuine as they come and hasn't altered since her rise to prominence. 

We'll look more closely at one of her other close connections, to Tim McGraw, in the sections that follow.  

We'll look back at their historic first meeting in front of thousands of spectators and millions of fans at home.  

We'll also look more closely at their relationship and McGraw's thoughts on Swift's accomplishments. 

Taylor Swift was rising to prominence in the music industry at the time. When Swift performed in front of the audience at the 2007 ACM Awards, Tim McGraw was seated in the front row.  

It would be her first time meeting the country music star as she was singing. Swift wasn't afraid to express her genuine admiration for the artist during their amazing exchange. 

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