Super Bowl 2024: The best commercials from Beyoncé to the Beckham

Super Bowl 58 is more than just touchdowns and tackles, or Taylor and Travis; it's also a showcase for the year's most imaginative and star-studded advertising.

As spectators came in to see the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers, they were treated to a sight of some of the year's most memorable advertising.

With T.Swizzle's participation bringing even more attention to the NFL's biggest event

advertisers this year enlisted prominent personalities and spent a lot of money to win the commercial fight.

Advertising during the Super Bowl is a highly prized opportunity for businesses, with a 30-second ad spot costing an astounding $7 million on average.

 This year, consumer packaged goods such as Oreos, Pringles, Mountain Dew, Doritos, and M&Ms are among the most popular commercials.

Celebrity endorsements are also notable, with artists such as Beyoncé, Ben Affleck, and Tina Fey offering their talents to numerous advertisements

The advertisements are as star-studded as the halftime show, with Beyoncé attempting to break the internet with Verizon and Ben Affleck giving a comic performance in a Dunkin Donuts spot.

In recent years, companies have eliminated the suspense by releasing their Super Bowl commercials before of the game.

These early releases and teasers aim to increase a brand's exposure and generate extra buzz in the run-up to the event. 

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