Spiderman 4: What Tom Holland's Next Film Must Avoid To Save The MCU

In recent years, Marvel has struggled at the box office and with fan reviews. 

While the franchise continues to make money

 it is experiencing slower growth and even dips with films such as Thor Love And Thunder, The Marvels, and others. 

The figures have been a source of concern for the creators

but fans are concerned about their favorite characters in the franchise, who show no signs of slowing down.

As the storylines between the universe and its villains become more intricate, the creators have lost touch with their own heroes.

Many of Marvel's original superheroes, including Iron Man, Black Widow, and now Thor, have moved on from the series. 

Their storylines have been completed, but with the new heroes, the studio appears to be suffering. 

The majority of recent films have focused on the villain and introduced new comic book heroes.

However, these films have failed to establish the same connection as the original heroes.

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