Romantic Valentine's Day Activities You Won't Forget

Chocolate and roses are great Valentine's Day gifts, but how about the gift of quality time? To help you plan the perfect date this year, here are 51 romantic activities to do on Valentine's Day.

No matter what your personality type is or what you consider to be fun, this list of activity ideas will excite couples of all ages, from students to seniors, and at all phases of their relationships, from their first Valentine's Day to their 50th.

Whether you go out or find a special way to remain in (maybe for a Valentine's Day dinner for two followed by a delectable Valentine's Day dessert?), they will all make for a romantic date night. 

Though it's likely to be cold outside near you, there are still plenty of venues to choose from, or a night at home in your warm PJs for a Valentine's Day movie may be just what you need this year.

Without further ado, here are 51 ideas for Valentine's Day. Here's to making February 14 a festive day!

Browse the local events calendar to see what plays, concerts, or other events are taking place and purchase tickets in advance. You may even go see a movie in the theatre together. 

 Whatever you do, make sure to dress up and snap a photo together at some point during the night.

A wonderful method to relive the past while enjoying the present is to recall a favourite date you had together, or even your first date, and then plan how to recreate it. 

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