Virginia—NORFOLK George Washington was uncomfortable celebrating his life publicly, like the other Founding Fathers.  

 The first republican leader was not a tyrant. 

 On Monday, it will be 292 years since the first President of the United States was born, yet the nation will once again celebrate his life and legacy. 

 The significance of Presidents Day has undergone a significant transformation throughout the years. 

 Since the 1700s, Presidents Day has gone from being generally uneventful and full of Washington activity to a consumerist extravaganza. For some historians, the holiday is meaningless. 

 “You Never Forget Your First: A Biography of George of Washington,” by historian Alexis Coe, compares Presidents Day to the towering monument in D.C 

 She questioned, "It's supposed to be about Washington, but can you really point to anything that looks or sounds like him?" Washington was the subject of the story.  

 Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson are depicted as individuals with limbs and noses, as well as words that are related with their memorials. 

 He's a massive granite point. He was sanded to have no distinguishing traits.