McCartney regrets Beatles' 'Yesterday' lyric about his mother. 

 People, Paul McCartney still wants “Yesterday.” 

 Macca's regretful comment to his late mother Mary, which became a famous phrase from The Beatles' 1965 No. 1 single, haunts him. 

 Yesterday” has traditionally been considered a breakup ballad, however the renowned line “I said something wrong,  

 now I long for yesterday” is actually a mea culpa to his mother. 

 It was prompted by “feeling very embarrassed because I’d embarrassed my mom,” the 81-year-old  

 Beatle says in the latest edition of his songwriting podcast “McCartney: A Life in Lyrics.” 

 Macca's mother's “posh” accent causes him shame. 

 His mother died of breast cancer in 1956, when the Beatle was 14. “ 

 She was of Irish origin and she was a nurse, so she was above street level,” he says. 

 “So she had something going for her, and she would talk posh.” 

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