Mark Ruffalo on Why a Solo 'Hulk' Movie Might Never Happen: "I Priced Myself Out"

Mark Ruffalo discusses his stint as the Hulk and his desire to play him again. 

He told GQ in a recent interview that a solo Hulk movie is unlikely.

“I'd love to do a standalone Hulk, I just don't think that's ever going to happen,” the actor told the magazine 

An entire movie is pricey, so they utilize the Hulk sparingly.  

Priced myself out!" Though CGI's cost has certainly decreased over time, it's still expensive. 

A solo Hulk movie would be more problematic than merely the cost of production. 

Ruffalo has played Hulk in Marvel movies, but Universal Pictures owns the character's rights predating Disney's 2009 acquisition of Marvel Studios 

therefore Universal has first dibs on independent Hulk films.  

The character can appear in subsequent MCU films, such as Ruffalo's Avengers flicks. 

With superhero movies like The Marvels opening at record lows last year, the actor discussed their problems. 

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