Malone's "New Year's Rockin Eve" Ensemble Is Impressive. 

One of the most eagerly awaited performers on the New Year's Rockin' Eve schedule was Post Malone. He performed "Chemical" on stage at the Fontainebleau in Las Vegas.  

The performance is becoming widely shared online. Fans didn't post comments on the music or Posty's singing on the internet, though. Rather, the focus was on his dance moves and attire. 

The singer of "White Iverson" has never really given a damn about what people think of him. His style has always been a reflection of the fact that he has always followed his own path.  

He's confident in his own skin and willing to sing, dress, and do anything he wants when the time is right, as seen by the attire he selected for tonight's televised performance.  

Whether you love or detest tight pants, there's a lesson to be learned from Posty's playbook as we enter a new year. 

Wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt and skintight cutoff jorts with a cheetah design, Malone took the stage in front of an enormous number of admirers and spectators from home.  

The ensemble was definitely a fashion statement, and it's getting people talking. See his little shorts and rump-shaking antics below. 

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