Local Italian Americans say D.C. has the best Italian food.

Italians revere mealtime. Francesca Krieg-Casazza, executive director of the Italian Cultural Society of D.C.

and Genoan, believes eating good meals with loved ones at a table produces a healthy mind and body.

Instead than eating a sandwich at your desk while browsing TikTok, breakfast, lunch, and supper are opportunities to develop community

be mindful of the body, and spend time with loved ones.

excellent quality cuisine and [excellent] relations are what Italian culture is about, and the food reflects that, she says.

As the temperature cools, it's tempting to warm up with a bowl of pasta or a substantial steak Florentine. 

While Washington doesn't have a Little Italy, you can enjoy wonderful Italian food here. 

 I asked four D.C.-area Italian Americans where to buy the greatest fresh-sliced prosciutto, thin-crust pizza, and more. These are their choices.

Tuscan food and meat aficionados appreciate this cozy, rustic downtown D.C. establishment.

The San'dwich Lorenzo lunch menu includes spaghetti and sandwiches with prosciutto sliced in front of you.

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