Lainey Wilson Says What We All Know in New Song 'Country's Cool Again.' 

Barbara Mandrell boldly acknowledged her country music roots in her 1981 single "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool." 

Lainey Wilson, 43 years later, expresses a similar emotion in her new song "Country's Cool Again." 

The groovy, slippery back-porch ballad, which debuted at midnight on Friday, is the Louisiana native's first new release since her 2022 album Bell Bottom Country won Best Country Album at the Grammy Awards earlier this month.  

Wilson co-wrote "Country's Cool Again" with frequent collaborators Trannie Anderson and Dallas Wilson, as well as guitarist Aslan Freeman, her band leader.  

Wilson recorded the song alongside members of her road band, much like Waylon Jennings did in the 1970s. 

"I was born in boots on humble ground/These kind of roots, they sure don't grow out," she sings to begin the biographical song." 

This track is an ode to my upbringing and the story of my journey in this industry - where I have been and where I am now," Wilson stated in an e-mail. 

"I'm feeling all the love from Country music fans, and I can't wait to hear everyone singing this song back to me while we're out on the road this year."  

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