Kevin Costner accused of adultery amid divorce storm: He accuses his wife again 

Kevin Costner's divorce with Christine Baumgartner was finalised in September 2023, and it was far from peaceful, with both parties accusing the other of cheating on them in a dramatic fallout. 

One must feel sorry for their children who have to see the specifics of their family being extensively discussed and published online in this current era where everyone in their school can know what's going on... 

Regardless, the parents are still at odds with each other, vying for moral superiority at the conclusion of their 23-year relationship 

According to TMZ, the rumour that Costner had pregnant another woman while filming Yellowstone 

Hulu on Monday, February 19 under the title TMZ Investigates: Kevin Costner's Divorce War. 

Costner, of course, denies the purported affair. Meanwhile, Baumgartner is accused of sleeping with a man at her guesthouse, which she also rejects.  

The role of Josh Connor in her post-Costner life has also sparked suspicions, though sources indicate nothing romantic occurred until after the breakup. 

Now that they are separated, they can put their animosity behind and move on, correct? Wrong. 

The prenuptial agreement they signed prior to marriage is next on the agenda, with Baumgartner asking for about $250,000 every mont 

She stated that it was the only way she and the children could "live at a standard somewhat approaching the standard that the children will be enjoying while in Kevin's care." 

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