Joe Burrow criticizes NFL rule after Kansas City Chiefs benefit vs Baltimore Ravens.

Joe Burrow disagreed with Baltimore Ravens rookie Zay Flowers' penalty for taunting in the AFC Championship game.

After suffering a season-ending injury this year, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback watched as his club failed to make the playoffs. 

Instead, he could only watch his new opponent Patrick Mahomes go to another Super Bowl.

However, while the Chiefs offense struggled in the game, the Ravens committed multiple unforced and individual errors, resulting in their defeat in what was a winnable game for the AFC No.1 seed.

In the fourth quarter, rookie receiver Flowers found himself open on a big passing play that propelled the Ravens down the field before being tackled by L'Jarius Sneed.

Flowers celebrated by standing over his opponent before spinning the ball near Sneed, with the referee instantly tossing a flag and everyone anticipating what was to come.

While many people supported the choice to throw the flag, Burrow was not pleased, tweeting: "Let the guys taunt".

Flowers' flag was harsh, moving the Ravens back 15 yards and away from the endzone before the rookie made another major mistake.

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