Jason Kelce: Whatever happens, I want to assist the Eagles.

After losing to Tampa Bay in the wild card round, Eagles center Jason Kelce reportedly told teammates he will retire, although he has not confirmed it.

Kelce will have his pick of media gigs if he decides to make it a career, but he said this weekend that he won't drop the Eagles

“You watch this and the emotion is so high,” Kelce told Olivia Reiner of the Philadelphia Inquirer after his brother Travis and the Chiefs won the AFC Championship Game. 

 It feels great to be here on the field for your teammates and the guys who will compete for a Super Bowl. 

These are feelings. These situations are only available if you persist.

I don't know my future. I know I want to be involved with the organization regardless of the decision. 

Because I don't want to feel like I'm missing out on these accomplishments, honors, and possibilities that represent entire towns, fan bases, and organizations.

Too fantastic a sensation to pass up.rebounds.

Kelce hasn't made any public declaration about his future. 

 He is pleased for his brother and wants Kansas City to win Super Bowl LVIII versus San Francisco.

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