Ja Morant sparks free agent speculation on social media.

Brooklyn Nets center Nicolas Claxton is scheduled to enter unrestricted free agency this summer, making the versatile big man one of the most sought-after players on the market.

 Memphis Grizzlies player Ja Morant recently liked a message on X (previously known as Twitter) about Claxton and his free agency, raising suspicion that the Grizzlies may pursue him:

Claxton, like Morant, is from South Carolina, and the two have previously played AAU basketball together.

This connection may be the only reason Morant is like a post in support of the Nets center,

rather than having anything to do with the Grizzlies potentially pursuing Claxton, but speculation has officially begun among the Grizzlies supporters.

Claxton would be an excellent fit for the Grizzlies, as his skill set would complement much of what they do. Claxton, a lob threat,

would complement Morant while also serving as a versatile defender, potentially helping the Grizzlies improve on that end. 

NBA free agency has become extremely difficult, particularly under the league's new CBA, but the Grizzlies have done well to prepare themselves for this summer. 

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