Italy: RAI confirms that winner of Sanremo 2021 will have first refusal for Eurovision– 

Planning for the Sanremo Musical Festival 2021 has been ongoing for several months, but Italian broadcaster RAI has finally confirmed the Eurovision connection. 

The winner of Sanremo 2021 will have first refusal to represent Italy at Eurovision 2021.

The Italian broadcaster has announced the rules for Sanremo 2021. The contest structure has changed slightly, 

though one item has been consistent since 2020. RAI has confirmed that the winner of Sanremo 2021 would have first choice of representing Italy in Rotterdam.

If the winner declines the option to compete in Eurovision, RAI will choose an act from among the remaining Sanremo contenders.

 And, like last year, competing artists will need to confirm in writing before the competition if they want to proceed to Eurovision.

This criterion was implemented at Sanremo 2020, and most acts were apparently pleased to be considered for Eurovision

Diodato, the winner of Sanremo 2020, was one among the talents who agreed to participate in Eurovision, therefore he automatically received a ticket.

The rules of Sanremo alter from year to year. This year, the audience will have their voice far sooner in the event. On the first two evenings,

the result will be determined by a 50% televote and a 50% demoscopic jury; last year, the demoscopic jury was the sole deciding factor.

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