The rapper, whose true name is Chris Bridges, welcomed Karma and Cai into his life during two past relationships. 

  He also celebrated Cadence and Chance's entrance with his spouse, Eudoxie Bridges.  

 The rapper said of his family, "There's a lot of estrogen around here!" to PEOPLE.

 His children continue to be his top focus, even with the demands of his demanding multidimensional job. 

 My top priority has always been my family," he declared. 

"Every day with my girls is something different, and I'm loving every minute of fatherhood."

 After the release of his debut studio album with a major label, Back For the debut Time, in 2001, Ludacris became a parent for the first time, and his entire world altered.

 His oldest daughter, Karma, was born shortly after.

 At that point in his life, he told PEOPLE, "I had just started coming into money."

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