In Observance of Black History Month in 2024, We Honor Black Astronauts 

 Black astronauts' achievements to our space programs are honored this Black History Month. 

 These astronauts, who joined NASA from military pilots, engineers, scientists, and physicians, have made history by deploying and retrieving satellites, performing spacewalks, conducting .... and technology research, and piloting and commanding space shuttle missions. 

 Recently, Black astronauts have helped build the International Space Station, performed spacewalks and robotic operations, and conducted research as expedition crewmembers 

 NASA administrators are among several notable leaders 

 Future Black astronauts are eligible for Artemis space station and exploration missions. 

 The first Black astronaut was Robert H. Lawrence.  

 The Air Force and National Reconnaissance Office formed the Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) Program in June 1967 to collect high-resolution photographic images of America's Cold War enemies. 

 Lawrence was selected as one of the third group of aerospace research pilots.  

  Lawrence was killed in a December 1967 airplane crash, and the Air Force ended the MOL Program in June 1969.  

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