In most cases, the Star will not publish mugshots. This, however, is an exception. 

 Most booking mugshots were removed by the Kansas City Star and McClatchy in 2020 

 Due to two main reasons: The person being photographed is charged but not convicted at booking 

 Beyond the personal impact, inappropriate publication of mugshots disproportionately harms people of color and those with mental illness. 

 Incidental mugshot publication damages people of race and those with mental illness more than personally.  

 Using a mugshot depends on whether the accused is a public official. 

 Without publication, is the community at risk? Does a high-profile crime need public disclosure 

 There should be an exception for last week's fatal mass shooting at Kansas City's Super Bowl rally and celebration. 

 One of the two adult men accused with second-degree felony murder, Raytown's Lyndell Mays, has a mugshot in the Star. 

 Star leadership carefully considers it. We did that here. 

 After booking at the Jackson County Detention Center Tuesday night, Star reporters obtained a mugshot of Mays.  

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