If you recognize these 8 signs, you’re being love bombed by a narcissist

Intense Initial Attention: 

A narcissist may shower you with extreme affection and attention right from the beginning of the relationship, creating a sense of euphoria and emotional intensity. 

Quick Declarations of Love: 

Love bombers often declare their love very early in the relationship, potentially before you have had a chance to truly get to know each other. 

Excessive Flattery: 

A narcissist might excessively praise you, idealizing you to an unrealistic degree. This flattery can be used to make you feel special and gain your trust. 

Over-the-Top Gestures: 

Extravagant gifts, surprise trips, or other grand gestures can be used to create a sense of indebtedness and loyalty. 

Constant Communication: 

Love bombers may bombard you with constant calls, texts, and messages, making it difficult for you to focus on anything else and creating a dependence on their attention. 

Rapid Progression of the Relationship: 

Love bombing often involves quickly moving through relationship milestones, such as moving in together or talking about marriage, to deepen the emotional connection and commitment. 

Isolation from Others: 

A narcissist may attempt to isolate you from your friends and family, making you reliant on them for emotional support and validation 

Emotional Manipulation: 

Love bombers may use guilt or emotional manipulation to keep you close. They may act hurt or offended if you express independence or set boundaries. 


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