Tribal fisheries biologists are leading a project to submerge cameras to study fish population interactions and changes. 

 - Camera study will improve our understanding of Great Lakes fish communities. 

 Northern Michigan reefs will be filmed for animal behavior and interactions. 

 The data will help researchers understand how and why fish use certain environments 

 The Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians is planning studies to help biologists understand aquatic ecosystems. 

 In select Grand Traverse Bay and Lake Michigan locales this spring, the band's fisheries staff will use underwater cameras. 

 It collaborates with numerous northern Michigan federally recognized tribes and state and federal fisheries researchers. 

 Grand Traverse Band Great Lakes fisheries biologist Chris Hessell says the goal is to film fish communities without disturbing them. 

 Because fish spawn on reefs, he says the team is starting there. 

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