Southerners believe that handmade food is the best way to show love.  

 Sharing homemade recipes to a church lunch, baby shower, or block party is usually a hit.  

 Since many Southern traditions entail baking and taking our favorite crowd-pleasing dishes, we decided we needed to save Grandma's recipes. 

 After all, her recipe box has produced many of our favorite dinners.  

 We chose 12 of Grandma's favorite baking and eating dishes for all season, from sweet breakfasts to cozy feasts. 

 Especially when they are hashbrowns, which serves as the headline ingredient in this casserole that is both hearty and tasty. 

 Having pie for dinner is a wise choice at any time. 

 The combination of tuna and noodles is a marriage made in heaven. 

 It is always possible to find a place for an old-school favorite. 

 Because of its thick and creamy consistency as well as its crunchy topping, this oldie is a genuine treat. 

 If you are someone who enjoys looking forward to something sweet when you wake up (and who doesn't?! ), then this casserole is perfect for you. 

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