Five Hidden Treasures for Bears to Keep an Eye On at Combine  

 Bears GM Ryan Poles' 2023 NFL Draft success goes beyond the trade down for choices and DJ Moore.  

 In a successful draft, a team may not get several Day 1 or Year 1 starters. They won't unless they're terrible and rebuilding like the Bears in 2022.  

 A 10-player draft yielded only two starters last year: Tyrique Stevenson and Darnell Wright.  

 This doesn't disparage Poles' draft efforts, but it does show how playing time decreases as a team develops.   

 Rookies must prove themselves before becoming starters.  

 It's crucial for specialist players and backups to contribute to the team effort while waiting to start.  

 Tyler Scott had 17 receptions for 168 yards and four starts, while Roschon Johnson ran for 352 yards and caught 34 passes for 209 yards without starting.  

 Others who began games were defensive tackle Gervon Dexter with one and cornerback Terell Smith with four.  

 At the combine, the Bears should watch players who could be Day 3 picks or third-rounders.  

 The proper ones can play supporting parts even if they do not start.s.When the Bears attend the combine expecting to draft, they should watch for Day 3 picks or third-rounders.  

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