Explained Ja Morant off-court aggression claims.

This season, Ja Morant has the Memphis Grizzlies positioned as an NBA title candidate.  

but reports of violence and hostility off the court are beginning to cast doubt on his accomplishment.  

A new Washington Post investigation highlighted several cases in which police investigated Morant for threatening behavior but eventually declined to arrest him. 

The news comes just a month after the NBA investigated Morant for an incident that occurred after a game against the Indiana Pacers. 

At the end of the Grizzlies' victory, Morant's father and a close friend sitting courtside got into a yelling war with Pacers players.  

the shouting match continued after the game. "Someone in a slow-moving SUV — which Morant was in — was leaving as the Pacers' traveling party was leaving." 

Morant asked a great local high school basketball player to a pick-up game at his house over the summer. The newspaper did not identify the athlete because he was a minor at 17 years old. 

In the game, the youngster was guarding Morant, and at one point, Morant and the high schooler allegedly swapped hard passes to check the ball in. 

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