Every NBA team that Nikola Jokic has played for has yielded a triple-double from him. 

 On Thursday night, Nikola Jokic scored a hat trick once again. 

 Against the Washington Wizards in the first half of the second half at Ball Arena, the center for the Denver Nuggets recorded his first-ever triple-double 

 Jokic, a Nuggets fan for life, has now scored at least a dozen points in every game against every NBA team he has played for. 

 Jokic made the comment, "It's a milestone," during the Nuggets' 130-110 victory over the Wizards in an on-court interview with Vic Lombardi, a reporter from Altitude 

 Despite finishing with 21 points, 19 rebounds, and 15 assists (on 100% field goal shooting), he didn't appear very thrilled with his performance. 

 When it comes to individual achievements, the Serbian big man isn't really in the same category 

 His only goal is to secure yet another title. 

 The 29-year-old great is now one of just three NBA players—jokic, LeBron James, ...

 ..and Russell Westbrook—to ever accomplish the feat of recording a triple-double against every opponent they have ever faced. 


 According to StatMuse, there was another reason why Jokic's night was historic.  

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