Drew McIntyre: CM Punk and I had issues when we were younger; what works is reality. 

After CM Punk sustained a torn triceps in the Royal Rumble, allegedly via a DDT by McIntyre, "The Scottish Warrior" stopped him on the next episode of WWE Raw.  

McIntyre created a lot of noise when he stated that he prayed for the accident to occur. 

Drew McIntyre spoke with Craig O'Donoghue from The West Australian about the promotion. 

He stated that some WWE performers have the freedom to be themselves and do what they believe is correct. 

"That's kind of the thing right now, is there's just this freedom in WWE, especially for people that the company can trust to go out there and be you and be what you feel is right," Drew McIntyre said in an interview.  

"Within reason, there are some of us who can put their trust in the microphone, and there is a genuine desire to attempt new things.  

I find a lot of stuff humorous. I think this works for the character, and I think this will be a heck 

"Everything for me and the character must be founded on truth. Because if it's real to me, it's real to everyone else, and you'll know it.  

Punk and I had some troubles when I was younger. All of that is true. I walked in there and informed him that I have been injured and had moments taken away from me as a result, and I understand that.  

He mentioned one of his buddies going through chemotherapy and how that's a true hero, and I responded, "I can relate to that." 

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