Dates, lowest price, group schedule, and finest seats in every USA host city stadium for the 2024 Copa America  

 As guest-hosts of Copa America 2024, the US will mark a milestone in American soccer history.  

 Argentina's title is at stake as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and other CONMEBOL nations try to take it from Lionel Messi.  

 CONCACAF guests USA, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, and Panama want to be acknowledged in South America.  

 The competition gives national teams a chance to shine on the global stage and test themselves against the world's finest as the 2026 World Cup approaches.   

 The summer of soccer has arrived with the US hosting the FIFA Club World Cup in 2025 and co-hosting the FIFA World Cup in ,,,

 The Sporting News covers Copa America match attendance from the group stage until the final.  

 In preparation for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, the US will host the 2024 Copa America with Canada and Mexico.  

 After being invited back to compete in a CONCACAF-CONMEBOL event, the USA hosted its inaugural tournament in 2016.  

 In March 2024, the last round of playoffs will add the two final teams to the June tournament calendar.  

 The Sporting News has 2024 Copa America round and fixture dates, qualified teams, and host cities.  

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