Country Star Randy Travis Looks Better After 2013 Stroke

– In 2013, Randy Travis suffered a stroke and later slipped into a coma, leading to health complications that kept him out of the public eye for the last decade. 

– Initially seeking treatment for congestion, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, causing his heart to stop. 

– Over six months, he received medical care in Texas and Tennessee, undergoing two brain surgeries and facing multiple health challenges. 

– Randy was in a coma for part of the treatment and experienced pneumonia three times, requiring intubation and three tracheostomies. 

– The country legend survived with the aid of a feeding tube during this critical period of his health struggles. 

– Reports indicated that his wife, Mary Davis, played a crucial role in supporting him throughout his challenging journey. 

– Despite the severity of his health issues, Randy Travis has shown signs of improvement and is on the road to recovery. 

– The iconic country singer's health battles shifted the focus from his legendary music career to his perseverance and determination in overcoming these health challenges. 

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