Clippers unveil new logo, uniform design as team works to carve out new identity

 Since the moment he acquired the franchise, Steve Ballmer has endeavored to establish a distinct Los Angeles identity for the Clippers,,,  

 something that previous ownership failed to do.  

 After assuming control of a franchise that was shrouded in the shadow of the sport's most recognizable brand,,,  

 he endeavored to uncover his franchise's own moments of brilliance.   

 This identity has materialized on the court, where four champions who grew up playing in the greater Los Angeles area will represent the team.  

 Furthermore, the upcoming season will grant the organization what it has lacked for decades: its very own arena. A genuine residence.  

 The Clippers are introducing a rebranding in conjunction with this relocation, which includes a new logo,,,

 and color scheme adjustments that emphasize the Navy Blue more.  

 With the calligraphy on their jerseys, the Clippers are applying a traditional script.   

 There is a ship depicted in the new logo (in actuality).  

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