Can Brock Purdy Beat a Bad Head Coach?

Brock Purdy is an excellent quarterback, especially when things go his way. 

If you give him an elite defense, an elite rushing game, an exceptional left tackle, an elite arsenal of weapons, and an elite head coach, he will perform at an elite level as well.  

Just look at his regular-season numbers. He led the league in quarterback rating (113.0), touchdown percentage (7.0), and yardage per throw attempt (9.6).  

That's similar to the quarterback triple crown. 

If you put Purdy in the ideal scenario, which he is currently in, he will not make a mistake.  

In fact, he will move up a little bit. He will regularly find the open man while avoiding some pressure. 

However, if Purdy's circumstance is not optimal, he will be unable to overcome it. 

Kyle Shanahan had his normal breakdown in the season's biggest game; he was dreadful from start to finish.  

He couldn't get the running game going, and he couldn't protect his quarterback.  

The Chiefs routinely rushed more players than the 49ers could block.  

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