Caitlin Clark and Patrick Mahomes are challenging our perspective. 

We are currently living at a time when the most outstanding athletes in their respective sports are either retiring or leaving their mark on history 

The impact of recent events has created a bias that is widespread in the early stages of 2020. 

This month, Patrick Mahomes and Caitlin Clark have emerged as the best players in their respective disciplines. 

On Sunday, Mahomes produced an incredible comeback in the Super Bowl, leaving little doubt that he would lead his team to victory.  

Similarly, Clark made history on Thursday night when she became the all-time leading scorer in NCAA women's basketball 

These performances were so riveting that they beyond our ability to keep perspective. 

This prejudice toward current occurrences is powerful. 

Fortunately, responsible NFL officials have avoided comparing Mahomes to Brady until after his Super Bowl victory.  

Clark's friends and detractors have disagreed on whether she is the greatest player in women's collegiate basketball history.  

The assumption that the most recent athletes are the greatest is a reoccurring phenomena. 

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