Keanu Reeves' John Constantine performance is a career highlight thanks to his soulfulness and melancholy masculinity.

 My Own Private Idaho highlights Reeves' emotional depth and complexity as Scott Favor, establishing him as a major performer.

 As Kevin Lomax in Devil's Advocate, Reeves leads a morally complicated thriller with dramatic flair and subtlety.

 Keanu Reeves has played many characters, but some are his greatest. Reeves has played everything from an FBI agent going undercover in surf culture to a cyberpunk messiah overthrowing machine control since his breakout performance in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure as a lovable slacker. 

  Whether using weapons or words, his characters are gentle and determined like Reeves.

 His kindness and compassion to fans off-screen cement his standing as a screen hero who can do it all with grace

 Late in his career, Reeves continues to create complex protagonists, but some of his most memorable roles highlight his talents. 

 As the protagonist of John Wick: Chapter 4, his acting range is impressive. 

 Highlighting his best character performances reveals what makes Reeves a unique star.

 In the supernatural thriller Constantine, Keanu Reeves plays jaded exorcist John Constantine well.

 As the doomed demon hunter facing actual and existential demons, Reeves uses his stoicism to create a gripping antihero with a tragic fate.

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