Blunt, Emily "The Likeability of 'Oppenheimer' Is Irrelative."

The character of Kitty Oppenheimer is portrayed twice in Christopher Nolan's summer blockbuster movie "Oppenheimer,"  

which combines three terms that aren't usually associated.The woman behind the man is Emily Blunt's character,    

Kitty, who is a scientist by trade but is the neglected spouse of American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) ,  

who oversaw the creation of an atomic weapon at Los Alamos, New Mexico, during World War II. To the extent that a large portion of the screenplay  ,  

was written in the first person ("I OPEN my eyes- JUMP out of bed- SCRAMBLE to dress"),   

"Oppenheimer" is unquestionably his film.Furthermore, despite being Robert's spouse and mother of their two kids, Kitty wasn't his first or, as the movie implies,   

his greatest love. Robert was first involved with the psychiatrist Jean Tatlock (Florence Pugh) for three years,   

and the two stayed in touch even after the Oppenheimers got married. Kitty discovers her husband insane about her passing halfway through the movie.  

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