Biden Chips Away at Student Loan Debt, Bit by Bit, Amid High Expectations

 The president forgived another $1.2 billion, making the total to $138 billion. 

 . His patchwork attempts have earned him little praise. 

 After the Supreme Court rejected President Biden's plan to cancel billions in student loan debt, borrowers questioned how he would fulfill his commitment to reduce debt for millions. 

 Biden erased $1.2 billion in student loan debt, raising his total to $138 billion for 3.9 million debtors.  

 This differs from his previous pledge to eliminate $400 billion in debt for 43 million people. 

 Biden agree that he has gone further than any of his predecessors in terms of significantly reducing the burden of debt for millions of debtors. 

 In a speech that he delivered on Wednesday to a small audience in a library in Culver City, California, Vice President Joe Biden stated, "It's good for the economy as a whole. 

 "It means that millions of Americans will finally be able to move on with their lives because they will no longer be burdened by the crushing debt that student loan programs have caused them." 

 In order to circumvent the ruling made by the Supreme Court, Mr.

  Biden has adopted a more piecemeal approach, which involves making adjustments to programs that have been beset by bureaucratic delays for a long time. The

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