Bears Trade Pitch Turns Justin Fields, Assets Into Second Top-5 Draft Pick

At the low point of the regular season, the Chicago Bears had the opportunity to draft not only their future quarterback, but also their pass-catchers. 

Oddly enough, that possibility may arise again through a Justin Fields deal.

Fields' estimated trade value is a package focused on a second-round pick. However, if the Bears want to be creative, 

they can trade Fields for numerous assets and position themselves to draft wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. just two selections after taking Caleb Williams first overall.

The New England Patriots control the No. 3 pick in April, and while the team is in need of a quarterback,

there is speculation that they are willing to trade out of the third pick and pursue a different way to replace Mac Jones 

On Wednesday, February 14, Alex Shapiro of NBC Sports Chicago proposed a trade in which the Bears exchange Fields, the No. 9 pick, the No. 75 pick, and a fourth-round pick in 2025 for the Patriots' No. 3 pic 

"If we're going by draft value charts, this type of package would be close to even — assuming the Patriots agree Fields is worth a second-round pick," Shapiro wrote in an email.  

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