Austin Butler Cleans Up Daniel Arnold did the photography.Stylist Mel Ottenberg.

Austin Butler screams "movie star" in every way. It is in his face and has been genetically modified to burn. He was a Californian child who worked his way up the  

Disney-Nickelsodeon-CW circuit before Denzel Washington took him to Broadway and Quentin Tarantino invited him back to Hollywood, as is detailed in his backstory.  

 His wild and unmistakable portrayal of Elvis, which gave him his first Oscar nomination and perhaps a new voice, is a good example of his passion.  

As the bald, alabaster-heavy Feyd-Rautha in Dune: Part Two and the heir to a motorcycle gang in this winter's The Bikeriders, it's in his taste to follow up his star-making performance.  

And it's his magnetism, his enigmatic, alluring characteristic, that acts as a tractor beam, bringing people to him. Just 

BROLIN: I'm delighted to see you as well.Are you back in Los Angeles, Butler? NO, I'm in Atlanta. It was funny because I wouldn't ordinarily think this, but it was invigorating, like oxygen,  

to be in Santa Fe for four months before moving on to New York. Then, we visited Martha's Vineyard, a place I avoided for a very long time because I believed it to be elite.  

BUTLER: Are you on vacation or are all of these locations your workplace? BROLIN: I was at my job. But I have to share something with you. I had a strong want to text you this morning to apologize and say,

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